Lost at Bay

I love when my wife and i take spur of the moment trips. We really lucked out when United Airlines gave us $200 in free airfare. We decided to check out our northern California neighbors. yea you got it right, San Francisco. We recommend checking out The Golden Gate Bridge before you start touring the city. I recommend First thing in the morning so you can catch the best view, the fog and clouds give it a very peaceful feeling. Get yourself a warm cup of coffee and head down to the bridge. One of our favorite tourist attractions was Fishermans Wharf, so much history behind it. The scenery is one of a kind, You can walk the whole bay front where you can see Alcatraz. Fishermans Wharf is very upbeat and family oriented. The locals are very nice and so helpful in giving directions to checking out the hidden gems of San Francisco. If your like me and you love to shop the Westfield mall is spectacular, its 5 stories and has all the different brands you could dream of, its known to be one of the biggest shopping centers in the world.  It also leads directly to Chinatown which is another must see. so much culture and pride, was very neat i can say i was impressed on how they decorated the entire town. The food that we ate in Chinatown was so authentic the spices and seasoning they use were mouth watering i wish i could remember the name of the resturaunt but i honestly couldn’t even read it, let alone remember it.  Just don’t forget to grab a bite to eat in chinatown lol. Cheers to NorCal! Links to my attire will be below


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