The Mountains are Calling

Road trips are the best trips. My wife and I decided to take a trip to Colorado for her birthday! We hit the road early and started our adventure across Utah. Its so green and beautiful. I definitely recommend not speeding through Utah not only because you will get pulled over but you have to take in all the scenery.  You could truly feel the peace driving through the mountains and along the Colorado River. I loved how it was perfect weather the whole time we were there. We got to check out the New Belgium Brewery which is a must see. It’s huge and has such a terrific story behind it. You have to go on the tour there. Fort Collins was definitely one of my favorite towns we went to. It reminds me of Ocean Beach in San Diego very friendly and a lot of great food. The downtown scene reminds me of LA third and promenade. You can tell the fashion scene in Colorado is a little behind or they just flat out don’t care lol but it’s nice to go somewhere where you can inspire others and broaden their minds. We managed to capture some photos in both Fort Collins and Denver. Scroll down below to check them out.








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