True To The Core

Do you think about how much you hydrate? Honestly, I didn’t believe in the importance of hydration being raised in San Diego. We don’t ever feel dehydrated not only because the temperature rarely cracks the 90s but also we are literally right next to the beach so we get that ocean breeze all day. Plus if your like me your walking by the beach or body surfing the waves. When I lived in and felt 110 degree heat in Palm Springs, my mind shifted, it became a matter of life or death, either hydrate or parish in that city. Overall hydration is needed no matter what side of the map you are on. Not only for health reasons but it helps with overall appearance, I prefer core water. It is so refreshing and doesn’t have that nasty plastic bottle taste like some other brands. My mind is so much more cleared after a bottle. Our body is 60 percent water so we know how important and vital water is, so why not chose CORE. Click the link Here. #truetothecore


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