Be Grand

Going to the gym is great and all, but with stylish gym attire it seems to make you pop out of bed faster. Since you know that new apparel is ready to be broken in. Appearance is a big deal in my opinion, I’m over the old T-shirt and P.E shorts from middle school look, just isn’t cutting it for me anymore. The Grand AC apparel I’m wearing below is beyond comfortable, I literally wear my Royal Blue Hyde pullover and black joggers everywhere that i can. If your like me and you like to look good even at the gym, check out this brand. The shorts are clutch no more spending money on compressions shorts they are literally built in, plus zipper pockets as well for that extra change you brought for that pre workout drink lol, need i say more. Now at the gym I’m already feeling like a soldier, the camo shirt boosts the beast in me and will do the same for you. The long sleeve is great for the morning workouts. The material is great for those cardio days. My favorite item from the Grand AC collection is my trendy camo running kit,  I broke this out literally the first day I got it and I’ve been sporting it ever since. Overall Grand AC is not just for the gym its for leisure as well so you decide how you want to wear it. Check out the photos below to see how I sported these looks. You can find the Grand Athletic Club apparel Here. And remember health is wealth. Be Grand!


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