FIVE, FOUR, 3, 2, 1

The good ol’ flannel, such a classic shirt. I’ve been wearing flannels pretty much all my life. It’s the perfect shirt. Not too over dressed or too under dressed, flannels fall in all categories of  style. If you’re looking to add flannels to your wardrobe then look no further. Five Four is the perfect brand for these kind of shirts. For this particular blue checkered flannel, “Poggy the Man” is behind this design. Click here to shop the Menlo House. The material is so comfy and durable. This shirt will last a very long time, I recommend taking this flannel to the dry cleaners, so it can keep its firm shape. Plus if you style it with a topper hat or fedora and boot it just screams class in my opinion. Take a look at the photos below to get some style inspiration. I have a pretty good eye for style and with my help you can have the strut you have been looking for! #FiveFour #FiveFourMan #FiveFourLosAngeles


Denim is very popular and a well known fabric. Denim has played a very key role in the fashion industry from jackets, jeans, hats, ECT. The shirt I am wearing below is another shirt from the @FiveFour collection. It’s a comfortable and stylish shirt. Plus the material is from the very loved denim family.  I decided to style my outfit with a fedora and denim jeans. You can never go wrong with denim on denim. As I referenced at the top, topper hats and fedoras scream class. These shirts are perfect for year round. Adding these to your wardrobe would be a really great idea. Very affordable and effortless style.


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