Anthony Skincare

Daily hygiene is a very important task in my life. Ever since I was a kid my mother was very strict about it. I had very sensitive skin when I was a child, I always had to be very careful of what products I used on my face. At that age i typically could only use coca butter dove products,  not only because they smelled extremely good, but if i dared to use another brand on my skin, it would pay the price. Now moving forward things have changed, I grew up and now my skin has adapted to other products like Anthony Skincare. I’ve been using these products for a good 6 months and the results are very noticeable. I’m writing this blog for you guys to answer the questions i have received about what i use on my skin. Anthony Skin Care is vert high quality product I use day and night. I use a few different items from their collection. My absolute favorite item is the Algae Face Wash. The smell is so refreshing and my skin is as smooth as a baby’s bottom after I rinse. Below I have some shots of exactly what I use. This line is highly recommended by me. Click here to shop Anthony Skincare. Use ChylRobinson for an additional 15% off!



I use the Algae Facial Cleanser daily. This is a must buy, not only does it do an amazing job of cleansing your face, the smell is so refreshing. You only need to use a quarter size amount. This size bottle has lasted me about a month.



The exfoliating wipes and exfoliating soap go hand in hand. They both do the same job, obviously you just use the bar of soap in the shower on your body and the wipes on your face after. This is great for removing all the excess dirt we build up on our bodies throughout the day.


This is a body and hair wash product. The eucalyptus scent is very strong but you can tell it gives your body a thorough wash.


This is the last part of my daily grooming. After I shave these products are a must, because like I said at the top my skin is very sensitive especially to razors. The ingrown hair treatment works like a charm. But I need an after shave balm to return the moisture to my skin. So this is my daily routine to my grooming, hopefully some of these tips help you keep your skin healthy & fresh. We only get one body so take care of it.

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