Winter X Boots

Well we all know it’s winter time, at least where I am. Bundling up is very important, and breaking out my favorite boots is pretty much automatic especially during this time. Winter is actually one of my favorite times of the year. One: because summers in Las Vegas can be very brutal and Two: winter fashion is my absolute favorite. From the scarfs, to layering my clothes, to sporting my favorite trench coats, bomber jackets and sherpa styled denim coats. There is so much I can do with my looks during the winter time, but right now i really want to zero in on boots. Now boots are very stylish in my opinion, from the chukka , to the Chelsea , and just your regular combat boots. I love all sorts of boots. I feel that the boots bring out my style. I personally go for an edgy but classy look, and I feel that the boot does that for me. Boots are a year round shoe depending on where you are in the world. Below I wanted to show you guys different ways to style all the different types of boots. facetune_10-12-2018-15-20-33img_0191facetune_10-12-2018-00-16-01

So for this look, I styled my beige chukka boots with my grey combatgent chinos. The final touch was my navy blue Forever21 trench coat. This color combo compliments each other. Always be precise with your color choices. Here the dark navy compliments the grey while the grey compliments the beige. If you decide to style your look with chukka boots i recommend a slim fit jean or chino.


The flannel and boot look is a classic look. It is so simple, but comes across stylish at the same time. The black chelsea boot can go with pretty much anything. You have to make sure your pant choice are slim fit so your pants can cover the boot properly. If its too baggy or too skinny, trust me, it won’t even look right.  I chose to pair my boots with my black TopMan pants. This is actually one of my go to looks when I don’t feel like dressing up.


I had to go with my camo sherpa style denim jacket because I broke out my brown combat boots. I think this a perfect street style look. This is actually one of my favorite pair of boots, its a perfect color to pair with so many looks and i love the zipper on the side. You can even pull it off with a white tee with these boots thats how stylish they are in my opinion. Overall I recommend you adding at least one of these boots to your collection. It will definitely enhance your style. I hope you guys enjoyed your holidays and Happy New Year in advance!

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