This year on 02/7/19 I attended Liberty Fairs for the first time, the crazy thing about this experience is that I spoke it into existence 2 years ago. I touch on this a lot more in one of my other blogs titled Law of Attraction, but anyways let’s talk about Liberty Fairs. This event is held in either New York City or Las Vegas and it is an invite only trade show, unless your a buyer or come with a brand, so don’t even bother looking for tickets; trust me I tried a few years back. Lol

Special thanks to @hedge_clothing for inviting me out and sharing their Fall 2019 collection with me. You will see me sporting numerous looks from this collection in my upcoming posts this year. Check them out if you haven’t already. They are a brand based out of Montreal, Canada and have been in the business for 25 years. Hedge is teamed up with expert designers so the details are very artistic and exclusive with each piece. This is what made me such a huge fan of this brand.

Below i have displayed some of their products and some of my favorite pieces from their 2019 collection. My favorite pieces were the grey cardigan and the navy blue over coat. Even their basic t shirts are nice and fit perfect. This was a very inspiring trade show with over 500 different brands in attendance and so many different looks and styles I captured a few of my other favorite looks outside the @Hedge collection as well. This also gives you guys a chance at an insiders view of what Liberty Fairs is all about.

Thank you @hedge again for inviting me out, it was a pleasure spending time with you guys and we will continue to work together in the future. Happy to be in partnership with such an amazing brand. Pure quality and passion behind each piece. Overall I had a great experience at Liberty Fairs and can’t wait to attend again in the future.









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