The Journey

I myself am a Christ follower I’m not religious nor do I believe in religion so whatever you believe in or whatever your practices are or traditions that work for you continue to do so. I can take you guys back to 2013 some of the darkest times of my life and I can say these practices I’m going to share with you brought me through and gave me a sense of clarity. First Find someone or a few people that inspire you on YouTube or personal mentors, for me it was My uncle Melvin, TD jakes, Bob Proctor, Les Brown, Joyce Meyers, Wayne Dyer, and Michael beckwith. All of these people touch my spirit in different ways but all are very powerful speakers in my opinion. Now for physical activity I personally love the gym and going on hikes and just plain being outdoors. There’s nothing that makes me feel more alive and connected like a good run or a walk through the mountains. I’ve been like this since I was kid. Fishing, swimming, riding bikes, sports and just any activity outside always gave me that natural high. Mental work: I now have a life coach named Carla reeves excellent coach by the way she touches solely on the mental and our perspectives example (circle excerise*) Draw a double circle on a piece of paper and in the middle I want you to write “The Facts” and on the outside I want you 2 write “Story” Ex.I failed math in 10th grade (Fact)

(Story) I’m stupid, I’m not going to graduate, I’m not good at math, I will never be good at math, draw a arrow pointing at the outer circle (the story) now the fact is you just failed math in the 10th grade but as we move foward we clump the story and facts all together and that’s how we hold on to inner turmoil. So someone could say you failed at a certain tasked and only that one task in that specific day and you clump the story and that facts together the story could be I’m a failure so on and so forth but all the person said is you failed today but now your overly attacking them or yourself based on the story you told yourself. So once we realize we aren’t our story and we can then live a life of love because we won’t make words mean more than what the word i: just a word. Now positive affirmations, prayer, meditation is definitely key in my life I can honestly tell when I’ve been slacking on this part of my life because my mind starts to sway back to the past or old things that I don’t like about myself start to resurface. As I go deeper into myself and understand the power of self development I really try to be conscious and aware of what I’m doing day to day and what I put my focus on if we can be brutally honestly it’s a lot easier to think up a negative thought than a positive thought and it’s a lot easier to slip back into the dark side than it is to be on the continuous path of spirit seeking. I don’t proclaim to be holier than thow and I don’t really care for people like this because I know we all have a dark side no matter what it is so let’s not kid ourselves it’s called “The Good Fight” for a reason because that’s exactly what it feels like a genuine fight to become the best version of yourself and there’s nothing wrong with that in fact it makes it feel a lot sweeter when you do make a selfless decision rather then a selfish. We were born selfish as kids. Overall kids think inward but as we mature we learn to think outward in others words a kid is all about him or herself and mature adults think about the people around them. Each day we must try to get the inner child out of us and I believe with some of my practices it will help you and believe me I’m a long way from being perfect. All we can do is strive to be and that’s all that matters so don’t let anyone make you feel like they have it all figured out cause 9/10 they don’t. I believe growth is infinite, so be happy now and later. Love yourself now and later. Because at the end of the day your opinion about yourself is the only one that truly matters! I hope some of these practices help you through whatever your going through and may you have inner peace for the duration of your time here on earth! God bless and Namaste 🙏

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