Hi guys so I’m sure you have time to read this, considering the fact that I’m 90% sure your home lol. This is no joking matter. But in a time where everyone is weary and worried, I think it’s best for light workers like myself to shine some light on the subject. We need to figure out different solutions to still have a productive day and still feel like we are living semi normal lives. Covid-19 will shine a lot of light on one of my new partners, Clorox has made me a part of their council. Perfect timing it will create impactful future campaigns and people will be educated on proper cleanliness. So far we are in phase one in our state, if we keep up with the proper sanitary and social distancing procedures, this deal will be over before we know it. At this point in my life most of my friends and acquaintances have children. With them being so young plus so impressionable, we have to remember to stay calm and figure out healthy solutions for them. They are the future and if we want to teach them to not panic when under pressure this would be a great time. 1st thing I’m attaching is a Covid-19 school schedule. This is to help them maintain their learning routine, so once everything is back to normal they aren’t falling behind. I personally have a 6 year old, so I know how challenging it can be to follow through. I believe it’s important, since the little ones are in fact the future.

I’ve been hearing about “Time Blocking” I watched a pretty informational video about it, I can see how it can really help win the day. With so many different distractions especially these days, controlling our precious time is important. I haven’t personally tested this system, so I have no valid opinion. From my recent research, this seems to be a very effective action. So I will put effort towards incorporating this format into my lifestyle. Let me know in the comment section or in my Dm if your consistently using this system, what are your thoughts on its effectiveness? I can see why it works, it’s literally a break down of your whole week from Am-Pm. Its not always easy wrapping your mind around your whole week, with so many different tasks and responsibilities you have at hand. Physically seeing it written out will potentially help align your day a lot better so, we maintain effectiveness through out the day. This format in my opinion is more targeted towards freelancers/entrepreneurs, since if you have a job/career they basically write out your whole day. I can see it being effective in other ways towards typical 9-5ers, you can plan time around your family, spouse, child or just a overall close to the day. Find your recharge space or even just to plan your hobbies. So many different ways to be effective with our time, so I would definitely give this a try if your not already using this system.

Spiritual practice is vital especially in uncertain times, I’ve been listening to Myles Monroe, Michael Beckwith, Wayne Dyer, TD jakes, and Max Maxwell. Again do what works for you, but those are some of my favorite spiritual and self development mentors. They all touch on different aspects of my development, but none the less they all have one common goal to uncover the power within ourselves, It’s something we tend to forget about because we lose sight that working on ourselves is another full time job. Thats why we have to be wise with our company and the people we associate with. Right now would be a great time to dig deep and do a self examination, since that’s all we can pretty much do right now lol. Why not take advantage of it. Inner peace needs to be the focal point, so we can be effective and fulfill our unique purposes. Stay up to date with Covid-19 protocol, but again don’t psych yourself out. Honestly at this point in my life, I truly believe everything happens for a reason.

Fitness : I use fitness apps. I’ve been incorporating fitness apps for a few years, I’ve been hearing about a virtual personal training sessions from MMA,Boxing,Yoga, and weight training. I haven’t personally experienced one yet but if your still uncertain even once the gyms open up that could be an option, otherwise download the 2 apps I have under my fitness blog “Wealthy Routine”. You should follow your (own) routine, you just have to find out what works for you. Beginners 2-3 days a week, advanced 5-6 days a week. Pace yourself and get a beat have fun with it. Right now we need to get creative, there so many different pure body weight exercises listed in those apps, plus some we know just off the top of our heads. Even a good walk or run everyday is good. I believe in keeping the distance since it’s state protocol, but I don’t believe in staying indoors all day. Working out at home isn’t always that motivating, so find a local park or a isolated grass area and get a session in. Working out keeps the body and mind sharp, so I wouldn’t slack off just cause the gyms are down. This is the perfect time to focus on your fitness goals and work towards your desired physique. Plus getting those endorphins going is always great, better moods and we can all say we want to relieve stress as much as possible. Working out is the most beneficial way to get that natural high and keep you focused on what’s at hand and get you away from all the draining news. It’s scientifically proven too much negative information is lethal to your health, so try to focus on what you can control and less on what you can’t. We will get through this slowly but surely, keep the faith everyone and stay safe.

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