BullyFit Productions

My Wife and I have officially launched our new brand BullyFit. We have been working on this launch for about two years, the story behind our brand is basically what meets the eye, our love and passion for not only the bully breed but also fitness, and fashion, introducing the (FIT). Both of us being from San Diego had a huge influence on our love for dogs, that’s where the passion was born. Currently we are showcasing our dog skin and coat serum. Included ingredients are Flax seed oil, coconut oil, aloe Vera, and Vitamin E. We have been using this product on Bear and Maryrlin Monroe for a few months and we noticed it decreased their shedding 80-85%. We brought Monroe into our personal vet and she loved the results, so we decided to move forward with the sample packs! So far we have received great reviews of the heath benefits of the product. We are currently moving forward to final packaging and continuing to expand our network. We have our 1st official event “The Loud Stack” in Merced,CA on Nov,28 Booth 40 so come say hi if your attending the event we are pumped to meet you all. Once everything clears up we will also be in OB, San Diego a lot campaigning our line not only cause that’s dog heaven but my wife is actually from that exact town, so there is a lot of love and family ties there. Ocean Beach Farmers Market is where we will be setting up shop from time to time so drop in and say what’s up! Bring your dog of course lol! New projects are unfolding as we speak with our serum so follow along @bullyfit702 so much in store these next few months we are so pumped! We can’t thank God and all of you that have supported me and my family the entire way, we can’t wait to see what’s ahead!

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