BullyFIT Phase 2

We are zeroing in on phase 2 of BullyFIT Prod, we have successfully launched our bottles and now are working on dropping our 1st Fall/Winter line. The patterns were picked solely on what we personally like and humans being so similar, we are almost certain you guys will love the designs too. My team and I focus on creating products that we actually use in our personal day to day life. We have heard the term “shop for them” but how can you shop for people you don’t truly know? Then we came back to the term “Know thy self” and we decided to stay away from people pleasing and moved forward with some well thought out original ideas, that so far the world is embracing. We are gearing up for our 1st frenchie litter. Plus lots of yard work to do, so its nice and comfy for our frenchie family! 2 months until we head to Merced,CA we will be doing live demos and showcasing our latest BullyFIT collection. Come say hi to us at Booth 40, Nov 28th @ the Merced fairgrounds. I’ve linked some content below to give you a better visual, you can find all of our latest products on http://www.bullyfitproductions.com we will continue to go deeper. Praise to the most high and thank you all! @bullyfit702 @bullyfitproductions

BullyFIT Dog Skin&Coat Serum
BullyFIT Sample packs

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