BullyFIT part 4

As some of you know, we are breaking our brand BullyFIT into phases. Like we have said before we wanted to create a brand with multiple ventures that represented the things we love so it could reflect our overall lifestyle. My team and I are committed to quality, so we wanted to focus on one project at a time. We are zeroing in on phase 4 at the moment, we have successfully exceeded all of our company goals. We setup our 1st booth in Coachella California, thanks to all our supporters we managed to sell out! Our next official show will be in Central Cal, Merced California to be exact. If your attending come say hi to us at Booth 40! We love traveling but It has been a long and strenuous process, trips back and forth from LA to Vegas! But it was worth it. We are currently whelping our 1st litter, two baby girls! We will be DNA testing them in 4 weeks to see exactly what they carry. We are naming the girl we keep Ivy to honor the king cobra bloodline. Stay up to date with all of our upcoming litters and BullyFIT product releases on http://www.BullyFITproductions.com We are in the works of releasing our new 2 oz sample bottles and 6 oz bottles by the end of January. In the middle of 2021 we plan on releasing our first official Fitness/leisure wear line, along with a couple surprise releases, one targeted towards our animals lovers and the other geared towards our fellow fitness addicts! Breaking each phase down has been the key to our recent success, we didn’t want to overwhelm ourselves with too many releases at once. I disagree with the term multitasking, I prefer to throw my whole self at one thing at a time so my customers and associates always get my best self. We are putting together a pop up at Sydnees Grooming Salon Escondido, located in North county San Diego. To help drive traffic to this beautiful establishment and to showcase our product that is housed in this specific location. Plus give a sneak peek of some of our new BullyFIT products!

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