BullyFIT Phase 5

Our BullyFIT pop up at Sydnees Pet Grooming Salon Escondido was a success, we introduced our new 6oz Bottles & 2oz bottles. Plus connected with a lot of locals in the area driving traffic to our Partners grooming salon and raising BullyFIT brand awareness. We recently released our 1st piece of custom apparel, our team and I customized a Navy Blue & Heather Gray Leather Patched beanie that started selling within a few days! We are locked into our next phase of the brand, one of my favorites and biggest inspirations BullyFIT apparel and BullyFIT fitness supplements along with another pet product. As of now we have our high quality limited edition beanies, BullyFIT All Natural Vegan Protein, BullyFIT “MAKE IT COUNT” preworkout available and also the BullyFIT pet multivitamin. The Multivitamin goes hand in hand with our All Natural Skin & Coat Serum one works the animals body from the outside in and the other inside out making your pet “Clean on the inside Clean on the outside” lol TopDog Pet Store located in La Mirada,CA now houses our products as well along with other exclusive pet products! Be sure to stop by and check them out! We are currently targeting horses to groom with our skin & coat product. Growing up in San Diego we spent a lot of time at the Del Mar fair race tracks so horses definitely grew on us. So if you’re a Jockey, Cowboy, or Horse Owner! Send your horses our way! 💪🤠🐎 YEHAH! We truly appreciate all the continued support! Stay updated on future shows, pop ups, and currrent/future products ↙️ @bullyfit702 @bullyfitproductions @bullyfit_warehouse http://www.Bullyfitproductions.com



BullyFIT “MAKE IT COUNT” PreWorkout (Fruit Punch Flavor)

Custom BullyFIT Leather Patched Beanies.
BullyFIT All Natural Skin & Coat Serum

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