BullyFIT part 3

We attended our 1st show W/ the BullyFame family at fancier park, there was so much love in the air! We connected with so many like minded individuals and i personally didn’t want to leave. I called my mentor and friend mitchy and he quoted “You can’t even sleep” lol he was right! We were so excited and pumped up! We have attended four shows so far and we will be showing our face at a lot more! We wanted to create a brand that represented the things we love BullyFIT has multiple business ventures, Dogs, Fashion, Fitness, and travel. Its a brand based off our personal lifestyle and passions. We are currently showcasing our all natural Dog Skin & Coat serum it can be used on all short haired dogs and age does not matter. We are currently testing the serum on long hair dogs we will update you guys if we see good results but our product is short hair dog approved as of now. Yes even new borns, since we use all natural products there is no way it could harm them.We recently just closed a deal with Sydnees grooming salon in North County San Diego! Escondido to be exact, so if you’re in the area stop by and get your pet groomed and pick up some BullyFIT products! You can also order off our website bullyfitproductions.com visit to know the effects and ingredients, plus testimonials. We will be uploading all of our products directly on the site, so visit to stay updated. Our babygirl Marilyn Monroe is possibly pregnant, the stud is Venom owner @frenchie_connoisseur son of chocolate legend King cobra owner @bullyonduty ! If the pregnancy goes as expected her pups will be dropping around Christmas time and will be ready for there forever homes in Early February. We are going to be breeding french bulldogs pretty often, so either way stay up to date @bullyfit702 and @bullyfitproductions By the way Follow @bullymobtv we are on the hunt for the top bullies worldwide and we will be showcasing our BullyFIT All Natural Dog Skin & Coat serum! We will be giving away a bottle from time to time at the end of some of the segments. The 1st episode will be insane, so be sure to follow along, it will be on a major network, so stay tuned! We currently have two sponsees, be sure to follow @bearingtonthefrenchie and @mr.blue_royal.thefrench

Bearrington aka Bear 🐻🐶❤️
Mr Royal Blue 💙🐶

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